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See the impact YOU have made!

Leo's Pride has given an additional donation of $32,000 to Cure SMA for their new planned research funding goal of $2 Million. This money was more specifically donated to the New Drug Discovery Program. Cure SMA's specific approach to the Drug Discovery program is as follows,

"Our unique approach minimizes the most common challenges of drug discovery by building a diverse “pipeline” of drug candidates.

We invest in a number of projects at a time, which means that if a drug candidate fails, several others can take its place.
We fund projects that represent a variety of therapeutic approaches, attacking SMA from all sides. 
We provide seed funding for new projects. Traditionally, it has been difficult to get pharmaceutical companies to invest in research for rare diseases like SMA. By providing early-stage funding, we lower the risk and attract larger investments from industry and government as drug candidates move through the process.
We are unbiased as we evaluate all possible treatment opportunities, and we prioritize, select, and manage our drug discovery projects through a Translational Advisory Committee, comprised of industry experts."

​Research Donations for Cure SMA

​Research Donation for Regenerative Medicene

The problem  with a great deal of the current research is that in children like Leo, predominant motor neuron loss takes place very early in their lives. When these neurons are lost/die, there is currently no treatment to bring them back. So we decided to talk to the family whose foundation,, is responsible for funding what is currently the most promising therapy, Gene Therapy. To bring it all together, treatment for SMA is very close. Stopping the disease as early as possible will provide the best outcome for the children. For the kids like Leo who have been living with the disease for some time, we have to keep searching and pursuing a true cure and the only true cure for motor neuron loss is regenerative medicine. After much prayer, we are excited to partner with Sophia’s Cure foundation for the third use of funds from Leo’s fundraiser. The $40,000 check donated to their Tap out SMA fundraiser held on 1/31/2015 was doubled by an anonymous donor to $80,000 (Amazing people are out there). 

Among so many things that become difficult when having a child with type 1 SMA, finding a proper stroller can be impossible. Most children must be able to lay flat, and there must be enough room for their life saving equipment. Ordering a special medical stroller through a DME company is the safest option for transporting these children. Unfortunately this can be very costly and can take a long time. We wanted to do something to help other families that could impact their lives now.  Cure SMA has a loaner program where they loan medical strollers out to families that are need. We decided to purchase eight of these medical strollers so families could get out and enjoy their lives with their children. You all made this possible through GO LEO GO. You have helped improve the quality of life for so many children! We are looking forward to continuing to help CURE SMA's equipment pool

Equipment Pool Donations

​​A Van of Our Dreams: our inspiration for our new Grant "The LEO Grant" 

We are so fortunate to have such a huge support network of people that wanted to help Leo with whatever he needed. At that time, an accessible van was something we dreamed of Leo having. With a portion of the funds raised, Leo was able to get an this accessible which has changed our lives! We stay on the GO! Leo is able to travel safely, comfortably and with ease. What once was a difficult trip to the store or park, has turned into an every day occurrence.  He has been from Wisconsin to Florida, and much in between. He has strolled through Nashville, been to one of the highest peaks on the Blue Ridge Mountains, cruised SC beaches and toured the Low Country. He has even met Mickey Mouse himself at an amazing vacation in Disney World! We are so grateful from the generous support of Leo's Pride that has made this possible, and has given Leo the opportunity to experience so many different places.

This has been the inspiration for our Love Every One (LEO)  Grant . We have give over $100,000 in LEO grants to some amazing, well deserving families.